Version 3Frederik Feys, born 1974 in Reet (BE), lives and works in Antwerp (BE).

Spring 2017, Frederik started painting. Being productive, this led to a series of artworks. The work evokes questions in the viewer about the psychology of being a human. How we relate to nature as a symbol of the intangible. Early influences by Mediterranean (Picasso, Dali, Matisse) and Belgian artists (Spilliaert, Ensor), he builds remarkable, original and colourful compositions with dark elements. Frederik Feys is a mostly self-trained artist who studies painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. His works are short-creation-sessions, where the spontaneous and imperfect is reflected.

At a young age, he drew architectural subjects such as the Brugse Belfort, Holland bridges, Shopping malls, and houses. Later he draws futuristic car designs, vibrant patterns for surfboards and he becomes fascinated by modernism. In his twenties and thirties, he focused on music alongside an occasional clay sculpture.

His broader background is scientific, medical & psychological. He graduated as doctor in medical sciences, master in sexology, and master in dentistry.

List of exhibitions / collaborations

2017 Antwerp Art Weekend, Open Studio Exhibition, Antwerpen Belgium

2018 Solo Exhibition Selected Paintings, Martin Van Blerk Gallery Antwerpen Belgium